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fin_archive is a translation archive dedicated to the Finnish bands Uniklubi and Negative.
The archive started off aiming at posting translations for all different kinds of Finnish bands. As it turned out, the project stayed focused on Negative and Uniklubi.
At the end of 2009, the archive was restructured and the website Translating Uniklubi was created.
While the aforementioned website is solely dedicated to Uniklubi, this journal still holds the "old" translations for Negative, but nowadays also focusses mainly on translations for Uniklubi.

Please note that the website is updated a lot more regularly. If you want to stay up do date with the translations, please visit the website by clicking the banner:

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Dec. 20th, 2020 @ 03:16 pm Lost in translation?
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Hello and Welcome to fin-archive everyone!

This journal is a translation archive dedicated to artists from Finland – so far, and it’s probably going to stay this way – these artists are mainly Uniklubi and Negative.

The archive covers a growing collection of translated magazine or newspaper articles, interviews, radio broadcasts, TV appearances, lyrics and basically everything you can think of. - For a complete tag list, go here.
The source language is usually either Finnish or German, so everything will mainly be translated to English.

The journal's concept is basically a "different kind of fanwork": since many artists from Finland are mainly featured in their mother tongue, and since many people have difficulty in understanding the articles in question, the translations open up another means of getting information.

Before I'm getting started, a general disclaimer:
Translation work is always a time-consuming and in many ways elaborate matter. Feel free to refer to or post the translations elsewhere, but always be so kind as to note who did the work. That is, please always leave a linked reference to this page if you post the translations somewhere else. Thanks :)

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Jan. 29th, 2011 @ 02:08 pm It's been a while...
Dear friends, dear readers, dear passers-by,

it's been a while. A long while, to be honest, and I'm not sure if you guys even remember me ;) But I wanted to add a few words to this page as well - maybe I also want to welcome a couple of new friends who added this recently :) - Hello out there, nice to meet you! 

Last December, fin_archive would have turned two. ~ I opened the LJ shortly before Christmas 2008 and back then all the translations I put on here were still about NGT. After a while, as you might remember, I started focussing on Uniklubi and this is what the page was left off with. In November 2009 I started my dear project Translating Uniklubi, - fin_archive taken to a higher level, on a true website, with actual subpages and categories and a lot more order compared to this journal.
These are the upsides :D The downsides are that, on an actual website, nobody dares to write feedback or to comment on anything.
I still focussed on the page and this journal turned more and more silent. My friend's community, uniklubi_daily, is unfortunately used less and less, [come on guys, where are you all? we need to bring things to life again! :) ] and so fin_archive is mostly "useless" - use-less, in the sense of: not used.

When I opened Translating Uniklubi I said this was going to happen, but somehow I didn't truely believe it. ;) I thought, sure, I'll just put up everything here as well and all will take its usual ways. - Didn't work ;)
So, again, I want to invite you to join the readership over at the website by clicking the banner:

Aug. 9th, 2010 @ 06:08 pm UK - Voice Heräämö: Aikasi on nyt video premiere
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Hello again,
remember me? ;)

Even if you don't, you certainly remember that today was the premiere for Uniklubi's new video for Aikasi on nyt.
Jussi and Teemu had an interview on The Voice this morning. The interview can be seen on voice.fi (see links below) and I already translated the first part of the interview, for you to be read here.
The second part will be up some time later.

The Voice Heräämö - Aikasi on nyt video premiere

Part I - Uniklubi's new video also shows some fans
Nivala: Our guests today are Uniklubi. There's Jussi, Uniklubi's vocal artist. - Good morning!
Jussi: Good morning!
Nivala: And Teemu, the man on the bass guitar.
Teemu: Good morning
Nivala: Your new record Kultakalat, the fifth album, is coming next month. This morning you're here to show us your new video.
Teemu: Exactly.
Nivala: ... it works well; I’ve already seen it earlier this morning.
Both: Thanks.
Nivala: The title of the song is Aikasi on nyt and the people who are listening on the radio right now cannot see the video so what is it like?
Jussi: It was shot in Tampere's music theatre Palatsi... and...
Teemu: It's some sort of ritual-like atmosphere. It's a sort of reference to films like Eyes Wide Shut, but without the erotic aspects.
Jussi: Yep.
Marianne: *laughing* Well then where's the nice parts about it? Silmänisku [...]
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Jun. 29th, 2010 @ 04:52 pm UK new single "Aikasi on nyt" 1.7. / Album 22.9.
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According to various sources (off of which there's going to be a list below),
Uniklubi's first single off the 5th studio record is Aikasi on nyt ["Your time is now"].
The record is going to be released on September 22nd and is called Kultakalat ["Goldfish", pl.]

        The single Aikasi on nyt is going to be played on the radio for the first time on
Thursday, July 1st
at 9.15 (Finnish time) on radio yleX.

YleX's webradio should be available for everybody to listen to and can be found on


-> on top of the page, right side, 
click either:

"Katso livekuvaa studiosta" (View live pix from the studio)


"Kuuntele radiota" (Listen to the radio)

I've seen one or another 'first listening' on yleX before, so in case the boys are going to be in the studio commenting on the song, then the first option, i.e. the webcam is probably the way to go.  


- - -


www.uniklubi.net uutiset
Uniklubi Official facebook
The Voice music news

Jun. 25th, 2010 @ 01:59 pm YleX Voting: Best song of the 2000's
teemu iced tea
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Hello everyone, a great summer, a wonderful Juhannus-weekend and general a good day to all of you ;)

Sooo, after a comlete silence - at least media-wise - Teemu gave a veeeeeeeeeery short statemend via phone on radio YleX.
As some of you might now, there's a voting on YleX atm about the best song of the last decade, and Uniklubi is nominated with several songs, amongst them their Hit single Rakkautta ja Piikkilankaa. RjP is currently on #42.

I just translated the short sequence and this is what they're saying about the song:

YleX - Best song of the 2000's

Host: What would be your favourite [note: song within the last decade]? Which song would you say was the best song of the 2000's?
Teemu: Well... that comes a bit without warning now. There were so many songs that ... I don't know, maybe it's going the one that is going to on #1, maybe I'll be of the same opinion as so many others. [note: which he probably doesn't say ;)]
Host: So you have to listen up for what's the hottest song of this decade.
Teemu: Yep.
Jun. 8th, 2010 @ 10:57 pm Album in Fall, Single in late Summer
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Hello again after yet another eternity,

I have to admid that I've been extremely lazy lately. At the same time, let's blame it on the guys because there wasn't anything to tell until now :)
However, Teemu wrote a little update in the Forum that was translated by Sandrine and reads like this:

During this week we'll make ready the songs that are the ones that single will be chosen from. The schedules have suddenly changed a bit. In the end of the summer there will be single and on September, the album. But I guess you'll be hearing some new stuff during the summer already.


Which is really all I can share at the moment :) However, I'm really looking forward to new material!
Apr. 23rd, 2010 @ 02:07 pm Uniklubi Studiodiary 2010
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Hei everyone,
the last three weeks were obviously busy for Uniklubi - but not too busy, so the guys managed to write a little about their working progress and their songs in this year's studio diary in the forum. I put them on the website already but for everyone who's still more familiar with livejournal, this is the 'complete thing' as it is for now. :)
Part of the translations were done by Nightingale, so credit to her as well :)

I put the most recent entry outside the cut, the rest is in chronological order.


Jussi, 21.04.10

Good morning.
We have recorded the bases and some additional stuff for 13 songs. That's quite a lot quite fast if you compare that to the album "Chinese Democrazy" (sic)
Today I should sing. Probably there's a song that needs some tambourine, too.
We've been quite lazy posting updates on the forum but the reason is that we've been so excited about being here in the studio, that the time has flied.
See you

Uniklubi in the Studio 2010Collapse )

Apart from that, more photos from the studio can be found here.
Apr. 12th, 2010 @ 01:32 am Back to life II / just linking
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Hello everyone,

so, yeah, I have been lazy and focusing only on the website -.-
Here's a list of links with the most recent translations, the studio diary excluded because I've only put it up yesterday. All links lead to the homepage, I figured it wouldn't make too much sense to repost everything in here. *sigh*

Now let's see what I did at the beginning of this year ...

 2008 Studio diary: Syvään Valoon

[x] YleX Album of the Week: Luotisade, Interview 13.08.2007 (by Nightingale)

[x] YleX Album of the Week: Luotisade, Songs 33/2007 (by Nightingale)

[x] various diary entries from 2009

[x] various forum postings

[x] Teemu as "the Weathergirl" / aka Kukka First Listen

...and from now on, there will be probably more cross-posting *sigh*
Apr. 10th, 2010 @ 04:21 pm Back to Life / UK studio diary.
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Hello everybody,

yep, I guess I'm ... back to life. Or well, back online at least. Now with the news and everything I try to keep this as updated as Translating Uniklubi, but tbh I sort of neglected both this lj as well as the connected myspace-page ever since I was working on / with the website. webs is just so much more practical... 

Anyway, the guys are busy both recording their fifth album and updating the current Studiodiary. This is what they wrote so far. (The first 4 translations were written by Nightingale.

Read them all here....
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Jan. 23rd, 2010 @ 06:58 pm Layout and stuff
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Hello everyone,

I know it's been an eternity but I've been busy working on the page rather than on the journal *sigh*
The updates I've added to Translating Uniklubi will of course be transferred to this journal here as well :)
In a way, I didn't really want to flood you with cross-postings, so I concentrated on the website first ^^

For now, I changed a bit about the layout. I liked my self-made one a lot - especially since I have no idea about html and so on - but I somehow needed something that looked a little different and less ... how should I put it... basic. 
I liked this one the most, even though I had a few lays to choose from.
I think the header with all the letters is funny and can be seen as related to the subject. You all know this is about Finland, so I got rid of the flag and blue/white-overdose. Surprisingly, I like the overall colours. I'm not a big fan of green at all, but for some reason, this blueish green is fine and works really well for me. Plus, green seems to have been connected to Uniklubi for a while, too, so that's another plus.
I also like that the entries are more clearly separated. I'm not happy with the link-colour, but I haven't found a way to change that one... and then again, it's the only thing I don't like about the lay, so I can simply ignore it.

Apart from that, I updated the links-list a little and wrote a new Disclaimer. If you click Site Info, you can also see a rewritten bio on the profile page. It's now again pretty similar to the one I updated at the myspace page some time ago. As you can see, I couldn't let go of my header yet, so there we have the flag and the blue&white again. ;-)

Other than that, I'm actually hoping for news from the band and for new material to translate. That is... so far, everyone seems to enjoy the break - while I cannot say I do, because I'm desperately waiting for new stuff xD
I don't really know whether I can - or should - catch up with all the old stuff or whether I should just wait for something. In other words, I really need your feedback on this one. If there is still something you really really really want to read - nevermind that it's a year old, or more - then please let me now. If not, then I'll probably just wait for something else, even though I hate leaving this without many updates.
Don't get me wrong, I love translating the old stuff as well, I just want to check whether you want to read it or not ;)

So long,
have a great weekend - or, what remains of it!