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Translation archive featuring articles about Finnish artists

11 February 1987

fin_archive is a translation archive dedicated to the Finnish bands Uniklubi and Negative.
The archive started off aiming at posting translations for all different kinds of Finnish bands. As it turned out, the project stayed focused on Negative and Uniklubi.
At the end of 2009, the archive was restructured and the website Translating Uniklubi was created.
While the aforementioned website is solely dedicated to Uniklubi, this journal still holds the "old" translations for Negative, but nowadays also focusses mainly on translations for Uniklubi. The additional myspace-page fin_archive | Translating Uniklubi combines both - the maintainer for all three projects is, however, the same :)

The archive covers a growing collection of translated magazine or newspaper articles, interviews, radio broadcasts, TV appearances, and everything else that can be translated. - The source language is Finnish, and everything that can be found here will be published in the English translation.
The translations for Negative are mostly German - English.

My concept is basically a "different kind of fanwork": since information about the band(s), especially in press appearance, is mostly only available in Finnish, and since many people have difficulty in understanding the articles in question, the translations open up another means of getting information. It's a little private, free time-based website by a fan - and made for other fans.
Not being a professional translator, the works are by no means perfect or 100% accurate.

[For a full disclaimer as well as full credits for the used media relating to Uniklubi, please visit Translating Uniklubi]